Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to Write Website Content

It’s an art to write good website content but it’s something that needs to be seriously considered by all website owners. This is going to be your main way or marketing your business and you need to think about how you can make the most out of your website with your content. Most website owners look at the graphics first but not the usability of the website or the SEO optimization. Even less owners look at the actual content of the website. You need content that is going to convert you sales and customers so it’s critical.

Before you write your content consider:

·         The needs of customers and their interests
·         Why do they buy your products or services?
·         Targeted keywords – Which ones bring the most leads or visitors to the website?
·         What is the intent of the content? Do you want to sell or inform?

Focus on the Customer’s Needs

There are many reasons why these points are important. You need to focus on the needs of your customers first of all. You need to provide value on your website for your customers that meet their needs. They need to know how your services or products are going to make their lives better. Try to focus on the benefits of your products or services not the features of them. If you describe the benefits you connect your content to the needs of your customers and they will have reasons to buy what you’re offering.

You need to focus on the customers and not you. Write about the needs of customers, their thoughts, emotions, and needs, it’s not about your company. Always focus on your customers when you write your content.

Another moment here is to focus on your customers, not you. You need to write about the customers, their needs, thoughts and emotions, not your product or your company. No matter how well you may write, you need to focus on your customers in your content.

Target the Right Keywords

Make sure you use the right words when writing your content and this comes down to the keywords that you choose. You’ll need to research these words so you know how your customers relate and think about your product. As you write you’re content you’ll know which words are going to work well.

Right Tone

The tone of your content is also another important factor. To do this you need to know how you want to position your company, what you have to offer, and how well you know your customers. You might just want to inform your customers or have them do something. You need to fit the tone into your content so it’s pleasant and compelling for customers to read.

How You Should Write

Be sure you focus on what benefits your products and services have for your customers so they buy. Emphasise with your customers and with clients and think like they do. Show them through your writing how you can help them.

You need to write naturally like its casual conversation with friends interested in your services or products.  Once you have your copy written you can add in the keywords that are relevant. Replace “he, she, it” with descriptive words and use synonyms. You want to sound natural but still have keywords in your content too. You might want to stick with just a couple of synonyms and target just a couple of SEO phrases in the content.

The tone of the content can also make a big difference. If you just want to inform people then you can have a more informal tone with humor to break the mood. If you want formal information then you can go for that type of a tone and be more reserved.

Add your personality to and informal writing with some humor as this can work wonders. This is like people talk in real life and people may be able to relate to your content and you easily.

Be sure no matter what you write that you provide value to your users. The content is what will provide the best experience for your visitors and get them in the mood to buy from you or visit your website again.

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