Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to Earn Writing Income

As a writer there are several things you can do right now to earn a steady income writing. It will take time, effort, and dedication to your craft to achieve success. Here are several tips to help you increase your earnings from your writing.

Get Organized

Having an organized work area can be a key to improving your income. If you are organized you can find things faster, write more often and in the process create more income opportunities with the extra work you are doing from being organized. Keep your computer organized with folders for work you are doing, contacts and other information. Keep the area around your desk free from clutter. Create a "to do" pile and a "finished" pile. Keep paperwork in folders, filing cabinets and get everything labeled so you can find it easily.

Write Everyday

You can't make a steady income unless you actually write. Try to write something each day and stick to it. Take a notepad or electronic device with you wherever you go to jot down ideas and thoughts. Make writing a part of your daily life. Writing every time you get the chance will give you more articles and information to send to editors and potentially increase your income. You can't be successful unless you actually work at it and write.

Send Out Queries Constantly

Keep sending out query letters to different places on an ongoing basis and don't be afraid of rejection by editors. Keep your ideas flowing and the opportunities may come your way when you least expect them to. The more you send out, the more you can potentially earn in income. If you don't do this you won't have a steady supply of income.

Go Local

Your local area may be a great place to start a steady income. You could write for a local newspaper or magazine and even get your own monthly column. This might be easier to do in a smaller market like a small town where there is not as much competition in the workplace. Try as many places as possible in your local area for clients.

Write Online

Writing online can provide you with a wealth of income opportunities. Many sites will share advertising revenues with you and even provide an upfront payment for your work. You can find jobs that are updated on a daily basis on many freelance websites which can provide you with steady income. Writing online is becoming very popular and the perfect place for writers to start earning income. You may start out small but there are just so many opportunities out there if you take the time to look and explore.

Try Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

You can find potential employment by writing outside of the things you already know or like to write about. Becoming a good researcher can open the door to new ideas and new ways to make income for you.

Read More

If you are a writer you need to be an avid reader too. Read books about writing, visit websites and gather information. Read all the books and magazines on your topics as you possibly can, and continue to take in knowledge. Save clippings of articles you like from magazines or newspapers to help stimulate your creative ideas.


You can make good money writing but you must work at it. Get organized and try to write something each day. Send out queries as much as possible and try your local area for potential job opportunities. Go online and explore the many options now available to writers on the Internet. Read as much as possible and don't be afraid to write outside your comfort zone. Try these ideas and you will find your income increasing. If you don't write, you can't continue to earn.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

How to Write Website Content

It’s an art to write good website content but it’s something that needs to be seriously considered by all website owners. This is going to be your main way or marketing your business and you need to think about how you can make the most out of your website with your content. Most website owners look at the graphics first but not the usability of the website or the SEO optimization. Even less owners look at the actual content of the website. You need content that is going to convert you sales and customers so it’s critical.

Before you write your content consider:

·         The needs of customers and their interests
·         Why do they buy your products or services?
·         Targeted keywords – Which ones bring the most leads or visitors to the website?
·         What is the intent of the content? Do you want to sell or inform?

Focus on the Customer’s Needs

There are many reasons why these points are important. You need to focus on the needs of your customers first of all. You need to provide value on your website for your customers that meet their needs. They need to know how your services or products are going to make their lives better. Try to focus on the benefits of your products or services not the features of them. If you describe the benefits you connect your content to the needs of your customers and they will have reasons to buy what you’re offering.

You need to focus on the customers and not you. Write about the needs of customers, their thoughts, emotions, and needs, it’s not about your company. Always focus on your customers when you write your content.

Another moment here is to focus on your customers, not you. You need to write about the customers, their needs, thoughts and emotions, not your product or your company. No matter how well you may write, you need to focus on your customers in your content.

Target the Right Keywords

Make sure you use the right words when writing your content and this comes down to the keywords that you choose. You’ll need to research these words so you know how your customers relate and think about your product. As you write you’re content you’ll know which words are going to work well.

Right Tone

The tone of your content is also another important factor. To do this you need to know how you want to position your company, what you have to offer, and how well you know your customers. You might just want to inform your customers or have them do something. You need to fit the tone into your content so it’s pleasant and compelling for customers to read.

How You Should Write

Be sure you focus on what benefits your products and services have for your customers so they buy. Emphasise with your customers and with clients and think like they do. Show them through your writing how you can help them.

You need to write naturally like its casual conversation with friends interested in your services or products.  Once you have your copy written you can add in the keywords that are relevant. Replace “he, she, it” with descriptive words and use synonyms. You want to sound natural but still have keywords in your content too. You might want to stick with just a couple of synonyms and target just a couple of SEO phrases in the content.

The tone of the content can also make a big difference. If you just want to inform people then you can have a more informal tone with humor to break the mood. If you want formal information then you can go for that type of a tone and be more reserved.

Add your personality to and informal writing with some humor as this can work wonders. This is like people talk in real life and people may be able to relate to your content and you easily.

Be sure no matter what you write that you provide value to your users. The content is what will provide the best experience for your visitors and get them in the mood to buy from you or visit your website again.

Article Writing Guide

In this article we’ll discover a number of tips for article writing on the Internet. Writing for the web is a popular way for beginner writers to not only get better at their craft but make some money in the process.  With traditional writing you would need to be a seasoned professional before anyone would pay you for your writing work. When you write online you can submit your work to various content sites and get a little income from writing your articles. As a new writer there are several things you should keep in mind before you start writing.

Article Writing Tips: Take a Writing Course

While you don’t need any formal education to write online it pays to take a basic writing course so you have some fundamental knowledge behind you before you begin to write online. Your article writing will be seen as professional if you can get the basics down such as the proper article structure of beginning, middle, and ending. A writing course will also give you the basics of grammar and provide you the tools for more advanced writing such as freelancing, magazine writing or novel writing. There are many courses you can take online and some only cost a few hundred dollars. You can of course go to University and take a full program if that is what you really want to do. While you don’t need knowledge to begin writing online it is very helpful long-term if your desire is to make a full-time living from article writing online.

Article Writing Takes Effort

Before you venture into the world of article writing you must understand that it takes an enormous amount of effort in the beginning to become successful. Article writing isn’t like a full-time job where you are guaranteed a paycheck at the end of the month.  When you write online you can expect to create a large volume of work before you begin to see results unless you plan to take jobs from freelancing sites such as Elance, but you’ll need specific skills to do that. Your best bet is to create a blog, or join a content site such as InfoBarrel to showcase your writing. Other sites such as Constant Content allow you to sell your articles to buyers but your work must be perfect before they’ll take your articles. For beginners it’s generally better to try some content sites since they are established and you won’t need any formal training to get started with your article writing.
Article Writing Ideas

If you are new to article writing online you’re probably stuck for ideas. It’s actually quite easy to begin writing if you focus first on things you know. For example you might like video games, cars, cooking, dogs, or traveling.  All these make great topics because they are things you are passionate about and it will come out in your writing making it interesting for your readers. These are just examples you can write whatever you like. Make a list of topics you like and think of articles you could create. Once you have exhausted your list think of things you would like to do and then go research them. This will make the mundane process of research more engaging for you because you’ll be finding out information on things that generally interest you. As you write more the process of creating topics will become easier for you. Try to think of one or two ideas each day and then set aside time to write the piece. Keep a running list of ideas so you always have something new to write about.

Your Article Writing Will Bring You Results

Never give up on your dreams. Use this article writing guide to get started and go from there. You’ll find plenty of great resources online and communities that will support you in your work. Give yourself time with your writing and the results will come. There are many successful writers online who do nothing but contribute content to various websites and they have never written a book or published work in a magazine.  Money won’t come in overnight but with dedication you can make a living online doing what you love and that’s the simple joy of writing.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why & How Writing Down Your Goals Helps to Reach Success

Making goals can have us find the success we want in life. Goals can give us something to obtain such as more money in business for example, or to lose weight. Here’s why you should write down your goals and why this is impost as you move forward. Here's how to apply goals to your writing.


By writing down your goals you’re sowing that you’re committed to the cause and that you are willing to make your goals a reality. By writing it down you have something to refer to and something in which to draw inspiration by. You view the goal as something worth your time and worth spending a lot of energy on to complete. If you write it down you’ll have more of a commitment because the goal will be right there.

Gives us Something Specific to Work On

A goal gives us something specific in which to focus our energy on. The goal is something we can work towards and by reaching a goal you can bring yourself or your business more success. A goal won’t complete itself we have to take positive steps forward to complete a goal so writing it down gives us something specific we have to do to make the goal a reality.


Sometimes we need motivation in order to move forward. A goal will give us that motivation to actually do something to bring about success. If we don’t have motivation in our life then it’s hard to make things a reality. By motivating yourself with a goal you are doing something positive towards your success.

Gets Things Done

Without goals you’re going to lack direction. By wiring down a goal, you have something to work on and this will help you get things done. You need goals to accomplish things because without them you may make the wrong mistakes or go off in a totally different direction. A goal helps you accomplish things that move you forwards towards where you want to be.


By writing down a goal it gives you something you can refer to and review. You’ll see what you need to do for more success. By reviewing a goal on a constant basis you’ll be reminded that you have to get moving to make that goal a reality and to see more success in your life. A goal helps to push you forward.

By writing down your goals you’ll have something you can easily refer to. You’ll be more motivated and you’ll be able to move in a clear direction to where you want to be. You’ll be less likely to stumble around aimlessly and you’ll have steps you can take to bring about more success in your life or your business ventures. You should always refer to your goals and write down new ones as they come up. Goals need to be a part of your life and you need to keep a record of them so you have something to follow as you work towards success.

How Article Writing Services Can Improve Your Website

How Article Writing Services Can Improve Your Website

If you have a business online then you are probably struggling just like many other online sites to get enough traffic to your site. The Internet is a crowded place and everyone wants more traffic to their content. The main problem you face as a business is that the web is changing and its valuing high-quality content on an increasing basis. It’s not enough just to have a website or blog you need to provide something of value to your readers. The best way to do this is to provide high-quality articles for your viewers.

Why High Quality Matters

The search engines such as Google value high quality, informative content and are looking for sites that provide this. Gone are the days when you could get a high rank with just about anything on a website. Now you need content that is optimized for the search engines which we call SEO, as well as being content that is presented in the best possible form. As a business you probably don’t have the time to create this content on your own so it’s best to go with article writing services to get the work done.

Hire Expert Writers

Writing online isn’t easy and unless you know how to put an article together with keywords so you get traffic, you’re not going to have much success. An article writing service can take those keywords your business has picked out and turn them into high-quality pieces that generate you traffic. The writers on these services know what it takes to make an informative and high quality piece of writing. Don’t rely on PLR junk as this isn’t optimized and you may even get a penalty from the search engines for having it. What you want is writing done by real, experienced writers.

Optimized Writing

You don’t just need articles you need articles that are optimized for SEO so people can find your site online. The right keywords can make all the difference to those levels of traffic that you get. A good SEO service can turn your keywords into the traffic that you have been missing. High quality articles are going to get you traffic and this will build over time as you add more content. Just remember that you want high-quality content so that’s why it’s best to go with an article writing service.