Friday, November 25, 2011

Ideas For Ebooks

One of the new way is to make money with your writing is to write ebooks.  Most of these books are meant to convey information in small easy to understand segments.  Ideas for ebooks include: guitar playing, cooking, Internet Marketing, web design, or other subjects that might interest you. Once you write you can sell ebooks online in many different places such as your website, your blog, or on other sites like Amazon.  This is one of the new unique ways to earn money online.  People from all walks of life and professions are creating ebooks and making a living with their writing. People are very interested in purchasing these books because they are usually less expensive than a regular book that you would buy from your regular book store.

You may be stuck with finding ideas for ebooks but all you need to do is look to your own life and experiences.  Most people have some specialized skill that they can write about and turn into a very good ebook that people would buy.  You of course need to spend quite some time deciding exactly what you want to write about but once you have your idea it shouldn't take you that long to write and sell ebooks that you have authored.  There are many guides online for writing but one of the best I have found is called How to Write and Sell Ebooks by Scott Boyd.  I recommend you try his ebook guide.  I'm sure that once you finish his guide you will have many ideas for ebooks you could write.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself


It’s not difficult to find resources on writing novels.  It’s not hard to find classes and books on novel writing.  But it IS difficult to find a full, step-by-step novel writing system that will lead you all the way from idea to finished product.  It's also hard to find a system priced right.

Most novel writing systems either give you only some of what is required to write a good novel, or they cost hundreds of dollars. Author Andrea Rains Waggener saw this void in the novel writing information arena and decided to put her knowledge to use.  She wrote a set of e-books that lays out a complete, plan for writing a novel.

The Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself writing system is  two e-books.  One book is a 184-page information packed instruction manual for planning and starting your novel.  The other book is 97-page taskbook that walks you through the actions you can do to practice what you learned from the manual.  The Novel Writing Made Easy System is an organized, easy-to-follow system that will teach you how to turn an idea into a completed novel.

 The Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself writing system covers these aspects of putting together a novel:
  • Brainstorming your story’s action.
  • Developing a plot.
  • Creating subplots that will make your novel engaging.
  • Developing the back story that make your characters every bit as real as you or me.
  • Creating complete main character sketches and minor character sketches that give your characters vivid life.
  • Creating a compelling overall novel setting that makes your book stand out 
  • Determining what research you need to do.
  • Designing the scenes of your novel so the pacing is right.
  • Writing in a way that evokes your reader's senses.
  • Choosing the best words to  so that your writing is polished and professional
  • Creating a perfect balance of details, so that your reader always has a clear picture of your scenes.
  • Writing a query letter for your novel.
  • Writing a 15 to 25 page synopsis of your novel.
Although saying that your novel will write itself if you follow the steps in the e-books is a bit of a stretch, the process does make writing a novel easier.  Andrea admits that her process isn’t as fast as some online novel writing e-book authors promise bu  she says that her system will take you to a quality book.

The e-book set has only one minor drawback.  It will be tough for you to know if you’re on track with the tasks you’re doing in the taskbook without getting feedback.  Andrea, however, does have a coaching system that can help with that, and she provides information about it in the e-books.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Making Money As A Writer

Making Money as a Writer

As a writer you might become discouraged at how difficult it can be to make a living. You have heard the term “starving writer.” It’s difficult to break into the publishing business, get assignments, write a book, are more importantly, get yourself published. Thankfully with the Internet there are more opportunities than ever to make some money with your writing without going through the painful process of trying to get published with traditional methods. In this guide we’ll look at how to make money as a writer with both traditional methods of publishing and by using the Internet to get your words noticed in cyberspace.

Making Money as a Writer – Get Some Training

While you can write and be successful without any training at all, you should at least attempt to take some basic writing courses so you know what to do in different situations. If you’re going to publish something in a magazine or write a book, you’ll need to know the basics before you attempt to write anything. The publishing industry changes all the time and you need to keep one step ahead of it all. Look to your local college or university for some writing courses. You can even find many single courses for little money you can take online which will help you learn all you can about the craft of writing.

How To Make Money as a Writer – Freelance Online

There are many websites online that are hiring freelance writer such as ODesk or Elance. With these sites you can apply for writing jobs and then get hired by various employers. These jobs are all short-term but you can get some longer contracts. These sites have special tests you can take to demonstrate to your employer that you have the right skills to match the job in question. Freelancing is a great place to start if you want to begin making money as a writer using the Internet.

Make Money Writing With Content Sites

There are other sites online that will pay you a share of advertising revenues or small upfront payments to write for them. You can usually write about what you want and it’s a perfect place to showcase your writing abilities especially in regards to short, easy to read Internet articles. I write for sites such as InfoBarrel, Hubpages and Brighthub where I make some income with my article writing. You should check out some of these sites and see if you could contribute articles to them. You can sign up for InfoBarrel here.

Money as a Writer Get Published

It’s difficult to get published but if you keep at it you’ll be successful. Aim small and try to get published in local magazines and newspapers first before you try to publish the grand novel you have. Get some training under your belt and take small steps with your writing. Send queries to magazines and see what happens. Be sure to check out what the magazines require before submitting anything.

You Can Begin Making Money as a Writer

Keep writing and never stop and over time you’ll see results. Try writing online for sites like InfoBarrel while you look for your big break in the business.  Good luck with all your writing projects and I hope you land that big contract soon. Just make sure you write interesting articles and keep working at it. if you are lucky maybe you'll land a book deal or get some articles published in a magazine.

Creative Writing Tips

Do you love to write? 

A new idea hits you. You feel excited about it. And you know it would make a great piece of writing. But many people have great ideas but never write about them. Some will get off to a big, start and then will quit midway. Only a few will see their writing dreams fulfilled in the end.

Sure writing takes creativity, imagination and talent. And it also takes determination. But it takes something else that often gets overlooked: Writing Technique.
Somehow when it comes to writing, people assume they can do it on their own but to write on a professional level and get published- that takes the right tools.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Essential Guide On How To Start Writing Your Book

The dream of writing a book and publishing it is something the average person often dreams about. Even people who don't consider themselves good writers secretly wish they could be but the thought of writing a book holds the person back.There are just so many different things to think about that it can be impossible to know were to begin.

The Ready Steady Write ebook is something you can refer back to whenever you want in order to fulfill your dream of writing something and having it published.  It covers the information you need t  know about how to start this process. Just imagine the day when you can sit back with your published book in your hands and feel incredibly proud at what you have achieved.

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